The art of healing through the body's energy field

The Flows of Life

By: Kim Quance

Do you ever wonder about the flow of your life? Does it move along easily? Or does it seem to jerk along, up one day, down the next, perhaps even appearing to lurch from one crisis to another? Does it seem to have become stale and slow over the years? This is the way human life can appear. But, with an insight into the world of invisible energies that surround us, it doesn’t have to!

When I talk about the energy movements of life to students I use the analogy of a clear stream, flowing along smoothly. Imagine this is your life. Clear and pleasant, knowing your route, confident, at ease, able to deal with situations as they arise. Until someone comes along and throws in an old piece of wood or a bag of rubbish. The stream can’t flow in its true path anymore. Some of the water has to divert around the sides, and the movement of the water might slow a little. But, it still flows fairly well for a time. Gradually though, other smaller odds and ends get caught up on the larger pieces. The stream slows even more and doesn’t move along nearly so easily. Stagnant water builds up behind the blocks and eventually the stream drops to a trickle.

This is what can happen to the movement of the Human Energy Field – and your life – when it becomes congested with old emotions, old mental patterns, old memories of difficult times. We feel heavy, weighed down and life doesn’t flow along smoothly anymore.

Understanding the subtle energies of life can change this, and this is what Energy Field Healing is all about. You learn to see life through ‘energy eyes’, understanding how transactions from and with others – conversations, interactions, emails, phone calls – can affect us and sit in our energy field – just like debris in a stream – if they are not processed, dealt with or cleared out. Just a single Energy Field Healing session can clear out a great many old patterns and blocks, re-instate grounding and mend damage in the layers of the field.

As the Energy Field clears, deeper issues can present themselves to be dealt with and the flows of your life will be able to pick up again. Your days will feel smoother and more energised and you have the capacity to deal with life easily again.

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