The art of healing through the body's energy field

“Your Mental Health First Aiders are….”

By: Nora Simon

I have been seeing these posters popping up at my workplace and it is great that employers find it important to increase awareness about Mental Health issues and offer support to people who are suffering. Statistics show that more and more people seek professional help but also, there are still individuals who suffer in silence. They might not know where to look for help, they might be ashamed of how they feel. Or perhaps simply feeling a certain way has become a norm for them and they don’t even realise how overwhelming their life may have become.

Living in the 21st century, and especially in the developed countries, can contribute to living in stress. Most of us are stressing about family, jobs, money, commuting and the expectations created by social media. When we are talking about depression these factors are most often listed as the main cause. What if there is something else? Something that even the individual themselves may not even be aware of.

Growing up, we pick up issues from the family environment. Probably most of us have witnessed or been involved in, family arguments. We may have unknowingly been carrying the burden or the energetic imprint from those times. It’s also possible that our parents may have inherited certain, non-serving patterns, like hatred, worry, fear etc. from their parents, and so on. We don’t necessarily realise these things and if issues have not been dealt with they can remain in our energy field (aura), creating dense energy around the body.

Our daily interactions with people, travelling on overcrowded public transport, being in an open plan office etc, also contributes. Everything is energy. All of us have an energy field, so inevitably we all exchange, and quite often absorb, energies from other people. People who are sensitive are well aware of this although, they may not know why they prefer to be on their own or have as little interaction as possible with others. I am one of them. Although, I never considered myself depressed, I had serious self-esteem issues and was often feeling low without reason. As a child I liked to keep myself to myself and it became the norm as I was growing up.

Back then, I was living my life overshadowed by self-doubt, not feeling good enough to be loved or do well in life. This made me over-compensate for everything and work twice as hard as anyone else at work, whilst all the time staying in my ‘bubble’ and not letting anyone in.

Since my early 20s I had tried so many different healing methodologies and self-help programmes and they did help for a short while, but my issues came back eventually. That all changed when a friend suggested I try Energy Field Healing. I was so impressed with the results I signed up to train as an Energy Field Practitioner. Sue Zange has developed a whole unique set of techniques to enable us to detect dense and non-serving energies in the body’s energy field (or aura) and transform them. Once the blocks are cleared, a person can immediately feel lighter, better and may be in the position to see things differently, interact with people differently and eventually become more content and happier. More information about Energy Field Healing is available on this website.

So just a thought…..what if depression or the symptoms of depression can be eased by transforming non-serving patterns, negative emotions and dense energies that are affecting a person. Or even help someone to strengthen their energy field so they don’t absorb other’s energies as much and therefore don’t have to process them.

Everyone who feels depressed or suffers from mental health issues should always seek professional medical help and consult with a clinician. However, alternative healing can aid and support your return to wellness. I do believe that even just a single one-hour Energy Field Healing session can be beneficial to anyone and can make a difference.

If you are interested to find out more, please browse this website,  where you can find a wealth of information about the technique, articles about the benefits of Energy Field Healing and a trained Energy Field Practitioner who would be happy to help you.

Nora Simon is based in London, and available to see clients by appointment.

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