The art of healing through the body's energy field
"The journey of release and moving life into light is easier when shared with the heart of the healer" Sue Zange

About Your Healer:

The Energy Field Healers presented on this website have been personally trained to advanced level by Sue Zange. They are highly skilled sensitives, who are able to work effectively with the subtle energy patterns and forms that reside within the human energy system.

Fully trained to understand the nature and structure of the human energy system, your energy field healer will work to cleanse, balance, repair, re-energise and realign all aspects of the energy field so that you can gain benefit and a greater sense of well-being.

A true energy field healer is someone who can detect, ‘read’ and ‘interpret’ the nature of the subtle forms, patterns and imbalances within the field, and then apply the correct energetic skills to transform such energies. To do this, each healer has worked progressively on their own development and self-healing so that they can attain the higher vibrational state and higher sensory ability that these skills require. They have invested in their own growth and personal development, and their knowledge and skillset, to ensure they can offer you the highest possible level of service available in the field of subtle energy transformation.

Your healer will be confidential, sensitive to your needs, and aware of how they may best help you through your life difficulties and challenges. Your well-being is their primary focus, and the quality of their skill will ensure that helping you to transform that which hinders you is their key objective.

The healer of compassionate heart is a rare presence in today’s world, so when you have the opportunity to be with one, you can allow yourself the space to release, heal and move forward with life. Your energy field healer will ‘be’ the presence of light and higher resonance that you need. That’s how change, transformation and betterment takes place.

We offer you our best wishes for your wellness.

About Sue Zange:

Sue Zange is a leading specialist in subtle energies. As the pioneer and developer of Advanced level Energy Field Healing, she has taught and presented a wide range of healing, spiritual development, and subtle energy awareness training courses. Since 1999 she has worked to develop and enhance the skills of working through the body’s Energy Field using her natural skills and abilities.

Sue is a natural clairaudient and clairsentient and is gifted with the ability to see energy, vibrations and subtle dynamics. As a highly skilled and experienced developer of higher consciousness principles, Sue has the capacity to work in a multi-dimensional capacity to enhance and broaden concepts and understanding of subtle energies and healing.

Sue worked full-time as an advanced energy field healer in her own healing clinic, Inspirit, for over 12 years. During that time she carried out more than 5,500 one-to-one healing sessions for clients, over 1,200 distant healings on people, and some 550 sessions on homes, workplaces, land, disasters, world events and tragedies.

All Sue’s techniques and principles of understanding of the human energy system come from first-hand quality experience, where results and benefits have clearly been produced for clients and their families.

Sue began teaching her pioneering developments in energy field healing to Healers in 2000. Many students remain with Sue to this day, studying advanced principles of higher consciousness development. Sue has now trained many of her advanced graduates to be Teachers of her Programmes – including subtle energy awareness, visualisation and meditation, and foundational level energy field healing.