The art of healing through the body's energy field
"To find that place of peace, where the mind makes sense, and the heart feels joyously content." Sue Zange

Your Healing Session - A time for you!

During treatment the Healer works in the subtle vibrations of energy which surround the physical body. There is usually no physical touch, or very little, involved in an Energy Field Session. The client remains fully clothed throughout. Clients often feel warmth, tingling or pressure in parts of their body during treatment.

During your session, the healer will clear the energy field of blocked, stagnant and imbalanced energies, and cleanse and balance the body’s twelve main energy centres (chakras). The structure of the energy field is re-aligned and re-energised. The fresh inflow of universal energy will bring healing to the mind, body and soul, allowing you to take control of your life and bring yourself into harmony and balance.

The Healer will release non-serving energy connections and reclaim the flow of your core energy, returning you to balance, strength and peace. Priority is given to stabilising your ground energy and connection, and ensuring you have balanced flow of source energy flowing through your body and field, so that your own inner ability to self heal can activate

Feeling Lighter - Feeling Well

Some results can be felt almost immediately, including a sense of lightness and relief, and then the deeper healing process will continue for a 7 to 28 day period.

Once the body’s own inner healing commences, you will feel a little tired and be naturally drawn to sleep. This is the way the body helps heal itself. This will last for up to a day, and then you will feel stronger and more energised. It is usual for emotional release to take place for a day or so during that first week of healing. So clients may feel a little emotionally sensitive during that time, but the feeling soon clears as the energies replenish and gain strength.

As the energy field becomes clear and balanced the client will feel the benefits of the fresh inflow of universal source energy. This will naturally bring healing to the mind, body and emotions, allowing the potential of empowerment and inspiration, and enhancing your ability to take command of life.

Seeing the World through ‘Energy Eyes’

A revelation of knowledge that will help you manage your life on a daily basis. It offers insight into the world of invisible subtle energies that influence every choice and action!

“Apply some simple skills to transform the essence and vibration of your energy… your presence. Then you will be living your light.” An empowered life is that of a creator, an originator of ideas, someone who is aware of the feelings that drive those ideas.

Read this book if you want to know the truth about your energy field (the aura), and come to understand the energy forms and patterns that flow into your life. Learn practical skills to manage your energy and empower your life actions.

“If everyone had this knowledge the World would be a better place.”

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