The art of healing through the body's energy field
" The journey of release and moving life into light is easier when shared with the heart of the healer" Sue Zange

What clients say about their Energy Field Healer

"Being a student, with constant deadlines, essays, assignments and lectures is all very demanding and stressful. I am always studying and when I’m…"
"Anna is very kind and patient and really listens to me. When I have had treatment to help support me through emotional life difficulties I always feel…"
"Natasha has been giving distance healing's to me for quite some time now, and I am so  grateful. Having had quite severe mental health difficulties,…"
"I used to suffer from vertigo. After numerous tests I was left with no answers and some medication which helped me a little. I felt much better after…"
"As a teacher I have found Kim to be professional, warm and supportive, open and honest, knowledgeable and widely read, and she is non-judgemental. As…"
""Sharon made me feel very comfortable and at ease for my first session. I was nervous as I hadn't had anything like this done before. I felt very calm…"
"Anne was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot speak highly enough of her energy healing sessions which have brought me invaluable comfort and…"
"After my first Energy Field Healing session with Sue I was blown away with how much better I felt with certain health issues that had kept me down for…"
"Anna's empathy, insight and practical support has helped me move forward towards a more empowered and positive future. She is a beautiful, caring and…"
"Melanie is a very talented healer. My sessions with her have helped me to feel grounded and develop a clarity about my life and purpose that resonate…"
"I was feeling quite low for a number of weeks and suffering from migraines. Someone recommended Energy Field Healing with Lorraine. I was unsure what…"
"It was incredible the difference Lorraine's energy field healing made to me. I came to her feeling drained, exhausted, dragged down with a negative…"
"Nora and her healing has significantly reduced – if not got rid of – my back pain.  Following my initial healing session when she noticed that my…"
"David, I wanted to thank you for the session on Monday. It was a different experience for me but since it I can definitely feel the benefits, such as…"
"I have seen Emma on several occasions and I have never been disappointed with the results. As soon as you meet her, you will sense immediately that…"
"After an Energy Field Healing session with Maja, I felt blissfully refreshed and somehow transformed to a calm and peaceful state. Maja helped me…"
"I had an energy field healing session with Amy. Prior to the session I had felt sluggish and unable to move forward, I generally felt unbalanced…"
"Kim is a very caring therapist and teacher and has helped me cope with many stressful situations. She explains everything in great detail and in a way…"
"My session with Sharon has really helped me, as I just feel free and nothing seems to be affecting me.  So again thank you, and I definitely will be…"
"My whole family benefit from regular healing with Anne. I came to Anne when I was going through a particularly difficult period in my life.  Anne…"
"I've been seeing Sue for nearly 8 years now, and she has changed my life. Sue is a gentle but quietly dynamic healer, her techniques and approach…"
"I discovered Melanie's Energy Field Healing practice last year and it has helped me to deal with past, present and future life events. Melanie's…"
"Healing with Lorraine has given me peace and clarity with all aspects of my life. Energy Field Healing is a beautiful experience and life enhancing. I…"
"For me Energy Field Healing is great. The treatments are non-invasive which is very important to me as often so many things are. I find them relaxing…"
"I want to thank Nora for the EFH sessions over the past few months. Despite being sceptical and a little apprehensive, I tried to go with an open…"
"Emma's healings have definitely helped me see certain things in my life in a new light, I feel much more calmer within myself and a lot more…"
"Natasha has a beautiful gift and healing talent ~ the healing I received has totally changed my life.  She has been so compassionate, supportive and…"