The art of healing through the body's energy field
"The more we learn of subtle fields of consciousness, the closer we are to peaceful living." Sue Zange

A unique approach to well-being

Energy Field Healing is an extraordinary approach to alternative health care. The trained and skilled energy field healer approaches healing with a deep understanding of how subtle energy forms and flows affect well-being. A finely tuned energy sensitivity allows the healer to clear and transform blocked or stagnant energies, to help return balance to the structure and flow of the energy field.

Energy Field Healing can aid all issues of ill-health and imbalance, and works with the whole of you – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, at all levels. Its effects can be life changing – helping to make you emotionally stronger, mentally clearer, and spiritually at peace.

How we can help you:

Healing to aid all ailments.
Cleansing and balancing your energy field to re-energise, balance and strengthen. Giving you a new and positive outlook to your health and any condition you are dealing with.
Distant Healing
For times when you are unable to attend the clinic, distant healing can help restore and rebalance your energies. Useful also for sending healing to friends and family in their times of need.
Healing your Home
The energies within your home are created from all activity that takes place there. Have these energetic patterns cleared and your home re-energised for more peace and harmony.

The insight you've been waiting for....

A unique guide to the subtle invisible energy transactions that affect your every thought, feeling and action!

Written by Sue Zange, a pioneer in the development and understanding of subtle energies, this book is based on 15 years of first-hand experience of helping others improve their lives and well-being through subtle energy awareness and transformation.

This extraordinary book is a revelation of knowledge that will help you manage your life on a daily basis. It helps you discover the world of ‘invisible’ subtle energies that influence your every choice and action!

Unhappy with aspects of your life? Wondering how it got to be that way? Want to know how to transform your life to be better, happier and more successful?…

Then use this Book!  It is an education – to gain knowledge of an invisible world that very few know anything about. And yet, these subtle energies affect your view on life, your creations, your peace of mind, and your emotional response to everything that happens.

Get the insight you need to transform your life!

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