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If you want to change your life… get your starting point

By: Sue Zange

If I put my Top 10 list together for the primary reasons people come to Energy Field Healing,  right at the top would be trauma, closely followed by stress.  At No.3, would be ‘desire to change their life’.  And at 4, would be pain and living with pain.

I want to ponder on No.3 – the desire to change your life… for it to be better and more enriching and more prosperous; for relationships to be rewarding; and for troubles and difficulties to be gone, or at least, lessen!

Those are reasonable hopes and aspirations for life aren’t they?  And it’s not asking too much, is it?

Dissatisfaction with life is more common that you might realise.  If you are dissatisfied with your life, then you probably have a feeling that you’re the only one, that it’s just this way for you and that everyone else is happy or successful, or just plain lucky!

That’s not the case.  Everyone, in some way, has hopes and desires to improve areas of their life.  That’s why there is so much information out there now about how to better your life/ be more successful/  achieve/  change/  follow passions/  dream/  manifest/….. you get the idea.

But I would venture to suggest that the majority of information out there is flawed in its offering, for one simple reason.  It tries to offer you a ‘place’ to get to, or a technique to get there, or a mindset to focus on getting there, etc.  But it doesn’t offer the one key principle that initiates the workability of those concepts.  They don’t give you your starting point!

You can’t change your life if you do not account for your current state or position.   In any journey you need basic information.  Can you imagine going online to buy train tickets, and in the ‘To’ box you put say, “London” and just press ‘go’?  The next thing you’re going to see is a red error line pointing you to the ‘FROM’ box.   There isn’t a journey in life you can plan or commence without knowing your starting point.  So why try to engage on your journey of personal development or spiritual growth without a starting point?

All change is driven by desire, intention and momentum.  All three of those are affected by your current energetic condition.  If you cannot think clearly or focus your mind, you cannot plan or position correctly.   If you’re stressed or distressed, or hurting or wounded, your emotional desires, needs and wants will be biased.  You could then be considering making change or creating something in life that actually, wouldn’t serve you well.   You cannot truly know the desire of your heart if you are wounded and hurt, and likely in ‘protected’ mode because the resonance of your heart energy is low and fragile.

And you certainly cannot drive your dreams, ideas and plans forward with enthusiasm and enjoyment, if the natural flow of energies are not balanced,  or quite simply… not present.  And that’s what Energy Field Healing  is all about.  It clears your current energetic state.  It brings you to a place of healing, transformation, process and newer potential.

Healing is the most effective way you can actively address your current state.  We all need healing. We have all endured pains, wounds, distress, difficult life experience, and so on.  There are many methods of healing available to you, but if you want an efficient and highly effective method, then experience energy field healing.

In any event, remember what healing is.  It is transformation of an existing state, to a higher, newer potential.  It’s TRANSFORMATION.  It isn’t just talking about what’s happened to you and exploring the pain of it.  It’s about actually changing the essence and impact of what you know needs to be cleared, processed and moved through.

All positive change comes first from a place of honesty.   So take a good sincere look at your life and if it is not the one you truly want…. choose to transform it!

Once you know your current state (your starting point) and become aware of the energetic factors that are affecting you, you will become empowered to make the changes in your life that lead you to satisfaction, joy, fulfilment and further growth.

I teach spiritual growth and development courses, so I’m going to encourage you all the way to embark upon learning, attending workshops, seminars and talks because I believe in their capacity to enrich.  But I also know with absolute certainty, that to apply the knowledge and techniques you receive in learning, you have to have your starting point.  So, two things….

Firstly, engage in a deeper understanding of your current state and endeavour to heal and transform that which needs to release.  And secondly,

Ensure you attend training and learning which has the expansive understanding of equipping you with a <strong>beginning</strong>, a flow of momentum through which to journey, as well as an intended destination.  So then, you can truly get to where you want to BE in your life.


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