The art of healing through the body's energy field

Need An Energy Cleanse!

By: Sue Tranter

Healing and restoration comes in many forms and there are many ways that nature can assist us. Sitting on a beach listening to the waves rushing onto the shore and feeling the sand between your toes. Or walking through forests of lush green trees that emit their own unique tone and resonance. We all need relaxation time and an opportunity to reconnect with the nature around us, as it provides resources that nourish and remind us of who we are as beings.

Modern day living for most of us can be stressful and overwhelming. Without realising it, we often end up using coping mechanisms just to get through the day. But this can then turn into a week, a month, and before we realise it, just ‘coping’ has become a way of life. If we took the time to hear what we say to others we would be bringing a different level of awareness and understanding to how we think and feel about our own lives.  Do you hear yourself saying, “There are not enough hours in the day,” or “I can’t think about that now, I’m too busy”?

But what if we took the time to explore why we feel we are so busy?

Generally speaking, we often get our priorities wrong because what we perceive as important are things we do from a sense of duty to others. These daily ‘doings’ can end up consuming a considerable amount of time. And managing our time better helps us make better choices, ones that nourish us rather than deplete us.

We should ask why there seems to be no space or time for what truly makes us happy. We need to reconnect to our true heart’s desires. Healing can help with this because it allows an open and light space in which to explore how we live our lives, what influences us, and how we would like to move forwards. It also helps focus on the importance of being fully present in the NOW moment. We spend so much time either thinking about what we could have done differently in the past or thinking about what we should be doing in the future, that we can end up wishing our days away.

Cleansing and balancing the ‘aura’

The human energy field is more commonly known as the ‘aura’ and is made up of layers of vibrational energy. When these energies are flowing in a balanced way we are in better health and have a positive outlook on life. However, when we are feeling stress, trauma or pain, energy flows can become imbalanced. This change in our natural energy system can lead to us feeling unwell and unable to cope.

An energy field healer works to clear, cleanse, re-balance, re-align and re-energise the field. The healer helps to transform stagnant and imbalanced energies from the field and clears non-serving ‘patterns’. During this process, lighter energy is brought into the field and the system is re-energised.

A strong grounding (connection to the earth) is important to allow energies to release. The healer helps to strengthen this natural connection we have with the Earth. If you think of a tree’s roots going deep into the soil, this is the way our energy system needs to be grounded.

Ground yourself, by standing still and with mindful intent, focusing on your body, visualising your energy flowing down, through the feet and deeply into the ground.

I was trained in Energy Field Healing in 2006 and since then I have worked full-time in my healing practice helping clients to regain balance and good flow. Time and again, I have seen the difference this unique and wonderful therapy has made to people’s lives. It helps you to regain command of your life and refocuses you.

The main reason clients first get in touch is because they need help in some aspect of their lives. Perhaps with a physical ailment, emotional distress or even difficulties with mental clarity. Some know what’s wrong where others may not, but they do know instinctively that they are not fulfilling their true potential. By working together through any issue, we build a bond of trust and this allows people to release fears and tension they may have otherwise held on to. Feeling safe is everything, it allows energies to release and for a relationship to build.

If you feel you do not have time to “fit” an energy field healing session into your life, then perhaps you might ask why not?  You have nothing to lose, but potentially a lot to gain. A healing session is just the start, it offers you clarity, a sense of peace, and allows you to take better command of your life.

I would say to you, ‘why not give it a go and see’.

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