The art of healing through the body's energy field

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Healers for region: London

Maja Barzut
London Central, London

“I was introduced to Energy Field Healing a few years ago and it has made huge impact on my life. From that point on, there was no other way but to move forward on the path of opening my heart and connecting with people through energy awareness.”

Emma Jeng
Leeds & Bradford, Yorkshire Manchester, Greater Manchester South London, London

“Through my own healing experiences and training as an Advanced Energy Field Healer with Sue Zange, I have found answers to so many questions –¬†Why do we do the things we do? What is truth? What prevents us from being who we truly are? How can I help myself and others?”

Zana Komnenic
London SW7, London

“After experiencing an imbalance in some aspect of our lives we naturally seek help. I am very grateful for being able to help others to experience energy healing for themselves, to cleanse, balance and restore their energy field and also help them understand energies that surround us, and the effects that has on others and us.”

Nora Simon
South East London, London

“My interest in alternative therapies goes back to my early twenties. I have always been compassionate towards people and I have always been a healer at heart.¬†Through Energy Field Healing I would like to help people to release old, non-serving patterns, traumas and bring healing to them in a loving and gentle way.”


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