The art of healing through the body's energy field

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Healers for region: South East

Deborah Robson
Wantage, Oxfordshire

“Working with subtle energies has enabled me to understand and transform many aspects of my life which I previously struggled with on a daily basis; work, family, relationships and dare I say it, myself! I truly believe that everyone can benefit from EFH, no matter how big or small the issue is…”

David Strom
Lewes, East Sussex

“I was first drawn to the world of subtle energy back in the late 90’s, when looking at ways to deal with the acute stress and anxiety. I trained to become an advanced energy field healer in 2016. I can honestly say that this form of healing is the deepest form of healing available today.”

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  • Advanced EFH
  • Healing for Children
  • Home Healing
  • Distant Healing
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  • Animal Healing
  • Teacher of Energy Field Healing
  • Teacher of Subtle Energy Awareness
  • Teacher of Meditation and Visualisation
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