The art of healing through the body's energy field

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Melanie Stevens

Cape Town, South Africa, International

“I am passionate about Energy Field Healing, as well as about empowering others to gain awareness of subtle energy. Understanding my own sensitivity to subtle energy has been a great gift, and a wonderfully enlightening journey. These skills to sense subtle energy help me on a daily basis.”

Hi,  I’m Melanie, an Advanced Energy Field Healer and a Certified Teacher of Inspirit Training Programmes, based in Cape Town, South Africa. I recently moved back to South Africa after many years of living in the UK, and am now living and practicing in Cape Town.

I trained with Sue Zange for many years – I was lucky enough to be on Sue’s first Diploma course in 2000, and I continued training with her until completing my teacher training in 2017. I set up my practice in 2009 and have been working as an Energy Field Healer ever since.

I am passionate about Energy Field Healing, as well as about empowering others to learn more about subtle energy. Understanding my own sensitivity to subtle energy has been a great joy, and a wonderful and enlightening journey. These skills to sense and work with subtle energy help me on a daily basis, and it’s a great honour to be able to use them to help others.

I believe Energy Field Healing is a wonderful way to work with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves… it naturally works in complete wholeness – in line with our true, inner nature. Working at the level of subtle energy brings healing which results in lasting change.

I see clients primarily in my clinic room in Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, but I also offer distant healing, home/land healings, energy readings, and a mobile service for clients who might have difficulties coming in to the clinic. I am also always happy to work on site with pets and other animals.

If you’re thinking of coming for a session, I’d recommend the hour long Energy Field Healing session. This will clear, balance and restore the energy field. It releases blocks within the flow of the field, addresses structural issues, and looks for deeper causal issues. It will help with any issue, whether it is emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. It will bring light and healing through the energy field, release old patterning and allowing deep healing to take place. This is perfect for you if you would like to make changes in your life and move into alignment with your highest potentials.

I am a Certified Teacher of three beautiful training courses designed by Sue Zange to help people to learn more about subtle energy. The Subtle Energy Awareness ProgrammeTM is a 2 day course to help you to understand the energies around you, and how to keep your own energy field clear and light. The Enhance your Light, Enhance your Life ProgrammeTM is a wonderful course which will help you to learn an enhanced and useful method of meditation and visualisation, and the Energy Field Healing Diploma which is perfect if you would like to train as an Energy Field Healer yourself, or if you want to uncover your own hidden gifts to perceive and work with subtle energy.

Please take a look at my website or find me on Facebook for more details about what’s coming up, or send me an email, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


"Melanie is a very talented healer. My sessions with her have helped me to feel grounded and develop a clarity about my life and purpose that resonate simplicity. I haven't come across anyone else who has such a combination of skills, I can't recommend her enough." GG
"I discovered Melanie's Energy Field Healing practice last year and it has helped me to deal with past, present and future life events. Melanie's kindness and gentleness has helped me to understand Energy Field Healing and use it to take a different perspective on my life on the way to healing suffering and cultivating happiness. This form of healing is tremendous in our busy, hectic world." E R
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