The art of healing through the body's energy field

Experience Energy Field Healing for yourself

By: Sue Zange

Each of us is a unique being, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. These different aspects of being human cannot be separated, because they are all linked and powered by the wholeness of the Life Force Energy.

On a general basis, your energy field radiates out from your physical body some 2-3 feet. As the layers radiate out, they become finer in resonance and vibrate at a much higher frequency. The outer most layers of the field are known as the soul layers. The layers closest to the physical body are the most ‘dense’ in nature.  The sum of all your life experience is held in memory ‘forms’ and ‘patterns’ within this field of energy. The Energy Field is a complex matrix of life patterns, experience and memories, and this drives our views, beliefs, attitudes, physical presence and desires.

The human energy field has main energy centres (chakras), and central channel (axis) of energy, and multiple layers. Each energy centre and each layer fulfil a different purpose in maintaining you and your well-being. An advanced level Energy Field Healer has learned how to be sensitive to all aspects of this energy system, and so is able to detect energy imbalance, blockage, and most importantly, cause. Where there are patterns present that are not serving us well, it is possible to heal and transform these through the specialized techniques of advanced Energy Field Healing.

When energy within the field flows in a clear and balanced way, we remain in good health with a positive sense of well-being. However, when we encounter pain, trauma, stress or difficulty through life experience, the energy flow can become disrupted and blocked. It is then that we encounter discomfort, distress, dis-ease, imbalance and possibly, physical ill-health.

Experience has shown that the ‘blueprint’ of health remains present even in someone who is very ill. By using the Energy Field as an interface, the healing can, in effect, ‘jump start’ the process of cohesion between the systems of the body, mind and spirit, whilst at the same time help remove the memory of past illness, trauma and distress which may be held within the Field.

Therefore, the advanced energy field healer’s priorities are two-fold. Firstly, to detect and cleanse away any non-serving lower resonance energies within the field. And then to re-energise, strengthen and realign its structure and core flow. During treatment the Energy Field is cleared of all blocked, stagnant and imbalanced energies. Memories of trauma and distress are released, bringing you a greater awareness of the issues of your life. The inflow of fresh universal energy will bring healing to the mind, body and soul, allowing you to take control of your life, regaining balance and a sense of ease.

Some results can be felt almost immediately, including a sense of lightness and relief, and then the deeper healing process will continue for a 7 to 28 day period after your session. During treatment the client remains fully clothed throughout, and usually no touch is involved as the healing is carried out in the layers of energy around the body. Clients often feel warmth, tingling or pressure in parts of their body during treatment. Many clients, especially children, have even reported seeing colours of energy pouring into their field, as the healer transforms denseness to light.

Our energy field is in constant flow and connection with the world, absorbing energies from people and places. We all have energy connections with every one we know, and the places we live or work in. If our interactions are not dealt with and released, our energy field stores the memory of upsetting interactions, and most importantly, distressing life experience.  It is possible to continue to feel emotions and effects from any experience you have encountered with people or places, long after the experience is ended, because the ‘energy connection’ remains intact and the ‘energy pattern’ remains active.

Energy field healing releases any non-serving patterns stored within the field.  Having regular sessions of energy field healing will keep your field light, clear, strong and energised to deal with all life experience. The fresh inflow of universal energy will bring healing to the mind, body and soul, allowing you to take control of your life and bring yourself into harmony and balance.

To learn more about how the energy field stores patterns of life experience, please read the book – The Energies of Your Life, by Sue Zange.  Available to purchase HERE

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