The art of healing through the body's energy field

Balancing life with your Heart’s desire

By: Sue Tranter

If someone asked you what your dream life would be you may not be able to answer. You might respond with something like “I just need to finish work first so I can…” or, “once I’ve moved house I will be able to….”. On a smaller scale it could be as simple as “once I’ve got fit or lost weight I’m going to…”

We think we know what’s best for us and we think we know how to achieve this, we have a plan. What we do not realise is that our plan may be. This is because as humans we tend to think small and very often we do not see the bigger picture. How can we, we have no idea what life has in store for us, so we work to a plan.

We think we have to do certain things in certain ways in order for life to change and so we are either allowing ourselves to be held back by the past or projecting our energy forward to a future time when we feel we will be able to be a better version of ourselves.

What we fail to understand is that by waiting around for the right moment, it will never come. We get caught up in the physical daily doings of life in the structure and bogged down by the complexities. We should really be living life to the full, realising our dreams and ambitions and living in the Now – the present moment – because this is the only time we truly have command to make change in our lives and creations.

So instead of just waiting for something to happen differently in your life, take command and go out there and make it happen, create your own unique desired outcome.

By gaining a greater understanding of how all things are made of energy and consciousness and by introducing and applying energy techniques to our daily routine, we can see how easier and more effective our lives can be.

Spending less time in our heads thinking our way through situations and more time in our hearts feeling our way through, gives us a greater understanding of what we really feel at any given moment in time. Our hearts have no desire to cause us pain or inflict wounds so you can trust what you are feeling to be true…your true hearts desires.

With a heart focused intent, it only takes small changes and a willingness to commit to bring about big results.

When a client sees how clearer, lighter and more balanced they feel after just one session of Energy Field Healing they are eager to know more. A few sessions in they have learnt skills and techniques to manage their own energies between sessions and depending on their job and lifestyle, will move to a maintenance programme coming for treatments many weeks apart.

Clients report how much calmer and more together they feel. This is because they are more emotionally stable and have better mental clarity. They have the tools to empower themselves and are in command of their lives. They have gained a greater understanding of what makes them tick. So often we hear of people going off to find themselves. It isn’t necessary, instead of looking outwards why not try going inwards, and reconnecting to your heart.

By sitting quietly and asking simple questions like what are my true hearts desires? Or how do I truly feel about a certain situation? You will intuitively know the answer and this will bring with it a greater understanding of who you are as a being.

By this time it would be a safe bet to say your answers to the questions asked at the start would be very different. The revised answers will have greater depth and more of a knowing to them. You will have unlocked potentials and desires that previously you may not have known existed and it is this that will give you a better version of yourself.

Because by this time you will be on a journey to being the best that you can be.

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