The art of healing through the body's energy field

Clean skin… clean clothes… and now…clean Energy!

Why getting your energy cleansed and balanced is more than just an ‘A’ List celebrity fad!

Every time the press write about another celebrity seeing the ‘energy’ guru to have their ‘aura’ balanced and refreshed, they put it forward as though it’s a whacky thing to do, maybe hoping the readers will scoff at yet another crazy ‘A’ lister!

I can’t tell you how frustrating that can be for me as a subtle energy specialist, and an advanced energy field healer with 20 years intense experience of helping clients improve their well-being.

This is no passing fad. It’s a level of awareness that should have been in the public’s psyche decades ago, but the truth is….the masses are only just realising that balancing this ‘invisible energy’ actually works really well.

It may be true that the public don’t fully understand what the Energy Field Healer is clearing and balancing. They may not fully realise how their energy is a busy highway of incoming and outgoing subtle transactions that can build up as emotional and mental ‘debris’ in their energy field. They very likely won’t consider that their moods, perceptions, ideas, and motivations are significantly changed and affected by the quality of the energy flows around them. But this just means they need more information and should be introduced to the multi-layered benefits of having a clear and energised field around them.

The press and the media might make light of it (no pun intended), have a little giggle at some celebrity’s expense, but actually, there’s a well-tried and tested reasoning behind subtle energy clearing and balancing, and it genuinely does make people feel better. I worked full-time in my healing clinic for over 14 years, applying advanced energy techniques that I personally developed. The clinic was always full because people saw the results – it made a difference to how they felt, they were more clear and focused, and their physical body improved and strengthened.

If you have not yet tried this wonderful mode of healing, then I would highly recommend it. Take a look at to find out more and contact a healer that I have trained.

And if one of your New Year objectives is to learn how to manage your own energy, then the New Year Special is the Guided Visualisation for ‘Cleanse & Purify’ your energy – Download the MP3 now for just £2.00 by using this month’s coupon code ClearMyEnergy at the  Joa’s Light Website

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