The art of healing through the body's energy field

From pain and sadness, to joy and passion

By: Maja Barzut

I remember as a little girl I had always enjoyed listening to my grandmother’s stories. We would sit around her and absorb every word she said with eyes wide open. She would talk about mystical and unseen worlds which I found completely fascinating. Even as a small girl I knew in my heart there is much more to this world than what is visible to us. I loved being outside, enjoyed nature walks and felt love and compassion for every living creature. I have always wanted to help others and make their life better and happier.

Growing up in what was then Yugoslavia, I had a happy and blissful life until the war came and tore apart my country. It caused unspeakable damage in people’s lives. I have experienced the terrors of conflict on so many levels. It broke my heart to see friends and families losing loved ones, their livelihoods and their homes. I had a young family whom I wanted to protect. I wished for a better life for them so I left my beloved country and the people I knew to start a new life in the UK where it would be safe for my son.

It wasn’t easy to start a new life in a different country and my days were filled with day-to-day tasks.  But deep down inside, I knew I had a purpose and that there was so much I can offer others. I have not forgotten the pain and suffering I experienced, but it gave me strength and made me more determined to bring some love and joy into the lives of others.

This inner desire led me to discover the world of alternative therapies. I learned various healing techniques which I applied on myself, my family and friends. It gave me the opportunity to open my heart and mind to discover more about the unseen world – just like that little girl seeing those glimmers of other worlds through the stories of her grandmother.

A few years ago I came across Energy Field Healing and it had a massive transformational impact on my life. I had never experienced such a simple, non-invasive technique which can have such a profound impact on my life. Through these wonderful healing sessions, I was able to clear the trauma I had experienced as a young woman and re-found my passion to help others. The more I learned about energy field healing the more fascinated I had become.

The techniques were developed by Sue Zange and I was fortunate enough to train with her to become an Energy Field Healer. Through her teachings, I discovered the world of subtle energies and how they affect our everyday life. I have trained with Sue for the past two years and am now qualified to advanced level. I am loving it. I am able to apply subtle energy work in everyday life as I can see more clearly the path and journey of my life. It helps me to improve relationships and communication between family members. I have a deep respect for the knowledge that I have gained over the last few years and the transformation I have experienced myself. My wish is to help others to experience the same level of healing, peace and joy, that energy field healing has brought into my life. I am loving it, living it and it fills my heart with joy.

My purpose and heart’s desire is to serve others in the improvement of their life. If you feel Energy Field Healing can help you please get in touch. Thank you.

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