The art of healing through the body's energy field

Living in the density-free zone

By: Sue Zange

You know, that heavy kind of dullness that sometimes surrounds you? The feeling of stagnation or dreariness moving its way into your mindset. An energetic staleness that infiltrates life invisibly and suddenly impacts you without you realizing how.

The density of day to day energy transactions can cause energy congestion in your system. You reside within a continual flow of incoming and outgoing subtle energy transactions and at any given time, you may be full of emotional and mental debris – yours and that of others! You might just interpret this as pressure, dullness or fatigue, or a feeling of dreariness, but actually, you’re experiencing a dense energetic state.

Every day we like to have clean skin… and clean clothes… but it would help you also to be aware of one more thing… cleaning your Energy!

Getting your energy field cleansed and balanced is more than just the ‘A’ List celebrity fad! Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham think they’ve found a strange secret, but actually, there’s good reason for everyone to engage with cleansing and balancing their energy field.

It’s true that the majority of people don’t fully understand what an Energy Field Healer is clearing and balancing – offering the bizarre image of someone waving their arms around you in ‘thin air’. Certainly I had my fair share of sceptics in the clinic room over the years. They didn’t stay sceptical for long though, once they felt the lifting and re-energising benefits of having their energy cleared.

People do not generally realise their subtle energy system is a busy highway of incoming and outgoing invisible transactions that can build up as emotional and mental ‘debris’ around them. They often don’t consider that their moods, perception, inspiration and motivation are affected by the quality of the energy flows around them. People need more information about the multi-layered benefits of having a clear and energised field – how to live in a ‘density-free’ zone, clear of congestion!

I’ve trained hundreds of healers in this work and there’s a well tried and tested reasoning behind subtle energy clearing and balancing. It genuinely does make people feel better. Change the resonance (energy frequencies) around people and it will make a difference to how they feel. They become more clear and focused, emotionally stronger, and the systems of their physical body function more well.

We should all be enjoying that ‘density-free’ zone!

If you haven’t yet tried Energy Field Healing, then I would highly recommend it. Take a look at the Healers listing here to find out more and contact a healer directly.

Want to self cleanse your own energy – download the MP3 for energy cleansing on the Joas Light Website.

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