The art of healing through the body's energy field

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Agnieszka Wozniak

Godzislaw, Poland, International

“I have been working as a healthcare professional for 16 years and since I remember I have been interested in health and well-being. I knew I came across a phenomenal healing technique, with energy field healing, and I had a burning desire to learn more about it.”

I have been working as a healthcare professional for 16 years and since I remember I have been interested in health and well-being. Working in a hospital setting sparked my interest in the anatomy of disease in general. For years I continued to ask myself a burning question, why some people fell ill and some didn’t and what could be done about it. I also tried to understand why so many things go wrong in people’s lives, including mine. Conventional medicine and psychology failed to give the much needed answers so I started exploring other fields.

I went on to train in NLP, Reiki healing, massage and crystal therapy; however, these techniques provided an explanation to my dilemmas to a certain extent only. A truly transformational change came along when two years ago I stumbled upon Energy Field Healing and attended a healing session with one of Sue Zange’s Graduates.

Coming from a very conventional background myself, I initially felt sceptical about this method. Nonetheless, very soon I started to experience tangible effects of the energy field healing in my life. I had a sense of peace and calm after each healing. I was also able to manage stress at work so much better, my relationships with people have improved and I felt that new potential started opening up for me. Old aches and pains disappeared and long standing issues resolved. Overall, I felt so much happier about my life.

I knew I came across a phenomenal healing technique and I had a burning desire to learn more about it. So, I went on to study Energy Field Healing and completed my Foundational Diploma in December 2015 and then the Advanced level in June 2016.

Energy Field Healing has brought a positive change into my life in every possible way. It has empowered me to make necessary changes and introduced me to the amazing world of subtle energies that govern every aspect of our lives.

As an energy field healer I’m privileged to share this life changing experience with others. I offer the following services:

  • face to face healing sessions for children and adults
  • healing for homes and other spaces
  • distant healing- for those clients that are either unable to see the healer in person or wish to book a healing session for others

If you have any questions, please contact me via by email or ring/text me on 07464 464022 for more information.

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  • Advanced EFH
  • Healing for Children
  • Home Healing
  • Distant Healing
  • Mobile Healing
  • Animal Healing
  • Teacher of Energy Field Healing
  • Teacher of Subtle Energy Awareness
  • Teacher of Meditation and Visualisation
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