The art of healing through the body's energy field

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Amy Jeetley

Birmingham, West Midlands Tamworth, Staffordshire

“I have helped many people gain a better understanding of themselves, their lives and situations. This has opened them up to greater potentials to make higher serving decisions and choices, coming from an empowered place of love. You too can experience this through Energy Field Healing.”

We live in a world of subtle, unseen energies which drive and influence our lives every day. From the moment we enter this world, we experience patterns of behaviour, belief systems and conditioning which become a normal part of our everyday lives. This creates filters and perceptions which drive our thinking and decision making, without us even realising it.

For a long time my life was driven by such unseen subtleties which caused me to experience much emotional and mental stress, and trauma.

As a result, these factors presented themselves in the form of physical health issues as I was not addressing or challenging them. After meeting Sue Zange, I trained to become an Energy Field Healer in 2004, and shortly after, an Advanced Energy Field Healer. Sue introduced me to a subtle, yet powerful technique of being able to transform patterns of behaviour, conditioning and belief systems that were not serving me anymore, in a safe, peaceful, loving way. As a result, I have greater self-awareness, an increased capacity to love, with a deeper understanding of people, the dynamics they are in, behaviours they exhibit and more importantly, an inner peace and acceptance that I had not been able to experience previously. In turn, I have helped many people gain a better understanding of themselves, their lives and situations. This has opened them up to greater potentials to make higher serving decisions and choices, coming from an empowered place of love.

Being a full time teacher in the education sector, and having worked in sales, customer services, retail, recruitment and leading teams, I am all too familiar with the constant fatigue, stress and burnout that comes with our jobs and careers. This busyness leaves little time to focus on ‘self’.

I am now offering mobile EFH sessions to clients which will support, balance and restore you physically, mentally and emotionally. EFH can help with a wide range of ailments, including:

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Teacher stress, overload and overburden
  • Senior and executive leader burnout
  • Family and work dynamics
  • Relationship issues

As a result, EFH will help you feel stronger, more balanced, restored, re energised and refocused. You will feel lighter, more motivated and be in a position to direct your life in a more empowered way.

If you don’t have time to book in for a session, then consider experiencing the benefits of EFH through Distant Healing where you can carry on with your daily life and not be physically present. You will still feel restored, balanced, reenergised and more in command of your life.

I am pleased to offer Life Management Skills workshops designed to help you manage and empower yourself with situations that life brings (see my website for details). You will learn how stress and over busyness affects you, and more importantly learn techniques on how you can de-stress, be emotionally in command and have clear mental capacity. Furthermore, active use of meditation and visualisation skills will enhance your life’s journey, including work situations, relationships and careers. There are bespoke packages available for these courses.

The Life Management Skills courses are based on the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®, pioneered by Sue Zange and the ‘Enhance Your Light~ Enhance Your Life Programme’®,

Please see my website for further details on Life Management Skills workshops, training courses, EFH and distant healing.


"Being a student, with constant deadlines, essays, assignments and lectures is all very demanding and stressful. I am always studying and when I’m not studying I’m at work and when I’m not doing either of them, I have the responsibilities of the housework, and so I am  always on my feet. By the end of a long week I am left feeling very lethargic and exhausted. I found myself getting unnecessarily frustrated and agitated with people who are close to me, and I didn’t want to feel like that. However,  after the cleansing session with Amy, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt mentally calmer, and more relaxed. Throughout the session I felt as if I were both mentally and physically connected to Amy, as she drew out all the dense energies. The stress, the tension and frustration, I felt lifting off me, which left me feeling tranquil and with a clearer thought pattern." GM
"I had an energy field healing session with Amy. Prior to the session I had felt sluggish and unable to move forward, I generally felt unbalanced due to several issues and experiences of my adult life. I had a constant feeling of carrying the insecurities of others. Unbeknown to me I was also carrying a heavy load of 'emotional baggage' mostly belonging to others. The session began as a energy cleanse down, however I needed deeper healing therefore issues unfolded. Amy touched on some issues as she worked through my energy layers, and very quickly worked through troubles I had carried for quite sometime, I instantly felt lighter, and as the session progressed, I felt less and less troubled. As the session came to an end for the very first time in what I would describe to be my entire life, I felt I had made a connection with the earth. Two weeks on from the session I still feel a strong connection with the earth I no longer feel as though I am floating on issues and insecurities that are not mine. I have a clearer mindset and  am fully aware of what I need to do to move forward in life. The ultimate test for me will be when I actually settle into creating the next phase of my life. I am certain that with the help I received from Amy the transition I need at this point of my life will be far smoother and faster than it would be without.  My sincere thanks go to Amy for her help with a spring clean of my mind, body and sprit so very much needed, thank you for helping me clear my perspective on life." PJ
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