The art of healing through the body's energy field

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Sue Tranter

Birmingham, West Midlands Evesham, Worcestershire

“I offer a wide range of services, all carried out with a high level of expertise and integrity. If you are unsure about how I can help or what it is you may need, I am available to discuss this with you. I am now offering a mobile service for clients within the West Midlands/Worcestershire/Warwickshire areas.”

Hi, I’m Sue and I specialise in Advanced Level Energy Field Healing, for adults and children, homes and businesses, distant healing, and animal healing.

My first encounter with this amazing therapy was when I was introduced to Sue Zange in 2004. The results were incredible and for me life changing. I began attending Sue’s training courses and by 2006 had trained to a Foundational Level and qualified at Advanced level by 2007.

In 2008 I was managing my own healing clinic in Birmingham before becoming a founding director of The Healing Centre – the UK’s first specialist centre for Energy Field Healing 2010.

I offer a wide range of services, all carried out with a high level of expertise and integrity.You can now experience the benefits of what Energy Field Healing can do for you in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you best. The healing session is an hour long after which you can relax without any stresses of travelling.

Energy Field Healing is a gentle yet powerful life changing therapy that can help you on multiple levels. By releasing, clearing, and transforming past patterns I can help you move forward in areas such as relationships issues, loss and bereavement, the everyday stresses of working life including poor sleep, aches and pains, headaches, and depression. By working together, we can achieve a greater understanding of how energy affects your everyday life and with this new understanding comes empowerment and this enables new beginnings and new potentials to become part of your daily lives.

For further information and a more in depth look in to the services I offer please visit my website at  email me, or call me on 07957 155599 to discuss your needs further.

My Specialist area of expertise in Energy Field Healing is in energetic reconstruction and alignment of the central core energy system. My capability within the higher vibrational layers of the field allow me to concentrate on good quality balance and cohesion in the natural energetic state of your field. Ideal for situations of chronic illness, system breakdown and weakness, pain, physical illness, and the presence of severe or long-term stress.

Book your healing session with me if you feel the need to truly address core issues that have been building up for longer periods of time than you should be managing.

I am also a qualified teacher and offer training courses in Meditation & Visualisation, Energy Awareness and Foundational Level Energy Field Healing. If you are wanting to develop your awareness and learn these unique skills, please visit my website for further information.

We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to achieve a better state of being, so we can live in peace and harmony and wellness. Give me a call today to start your journey to self-awareness and a brighter more empowered future.



"After my first Energy Field Healing session with Sue I was blown away with how much better I felt with certain health issues that had kept me down for some time. I felt more lighter fresher calmer. Sue put things into perspective with her knowledge and advise of how energy works This form of healing is amazing. Sue is very intuitive on what is needed for the client’s needs. Energy field healing has changed my life. Thank you Sue!" DT
"I've been seeing Sue for nearly 8 years now, and she has changed my life. Sue is a gentle but quietly dynamic healer, her techniques and approach slowly broke many life patterns and conditioning that had come from my family dynamic, as a result of wounds that had developed over time. I was able to move forward in my life. The method in which I deal with complex situations has significantly changed. Sue instills my faith in the universe time and time again." SJ
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