The art of healing through the body's energy field

This Christmas – Get Ready! Get Well!

By: Zana Komnenic

Are you postponing yourself until January in order to juggle work, family, friends and all the shopping and organisation that every December brings? Are you putting yourself on hold, knowing that you will take care of yourself later, starting with a New Year’s resolution?

Most people do. We position ourselves, our energy presence, into the future while trying to cope in the present moment, dispersing our much needed energy resources even more. Instead of building on it, having more stability and strength to cope with the busy month of December, we deplete ourselves of our own energy, trusting (expecting) that January will bring a new us. So this month we live by the expectations of others, forgetting ourselves, and our own well-being. But the less care we take of ourselves, the lower energy we attract and the less we can offer to others.

Please start with awareness of yourself first. Don’t start your day disregarding yourself. Be aware of yourself, of your energy body. Ground yourself. Get yourself into the ‘now moment’. Raise your vibration a little. You engage with so many energy interactions and transactions daily, so you need buoyant energy to help you manage it better. Be energy aware, be in command! If you are not, the energy transactions of others around you will command your time and resources and you will be aligned to their needs, intentions, and energy movements – not your own.

A recommendation on how to do it all better? Start with having an hour session with an experienced Energy Field Healer who will clear and rebalance the flow of energy that surrounds you. Feel the difference and let it be your starting point.

With a strong, stable, vibrant energy field around you, you will be more aware and connected, easier to forgive and ready to enact compassion – which might be especially needed this festive month for some of us with complex family dynamics. So, let a relaxing session of energy field healing clear and restabilise your energy, and then you might not absorb the energies of others and be moved into old emotional patterns or some non-serving influences, from within the family or group dynamics.

Raise your vibration! You owe it to yourself! Enough of putting yourself on hold, book a session NOW. Its your pre-Christmas preparation!

Zana is available for healing sessions in the London area.

To gain better understanding of your own energy and those you interact with, please read The Energies of Your Life by Sue Zange

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