The art of healing through the body's energy field

We All Deserve Better Relationships

By: Agnieszka Wozniak

Have you ever wondered how much influence your family, friends and other people in general have over you? How much their thoughts and feelings shape yours? How many right or wrong decisions have been made as a result of it? How much potential created or possibly wasted? The truth is, we don’t tend to think about the nature of our relationships very often, if ever. We have relationships that lift us up, bring happiness and joy, simply make us stronger and more alive. On the other side of the spectrum, we have those relationships that are not as nurturing, oftentimes hurtful and diminishing our spirit.

You’re probably not aware of it but when we start developing relationship with someone, we build special energetic connections with them at the chakra level. We often refer to these connections as ‘energy cordings’. So, when we want to share an experience with a person, we reach out to them and grow out these extraordinary pathways of light, through which we communicate with each other all the time at the subtle energy level.

The purpose of these cordings will depend on our needs- we meet people to heal our wounds, realise our dreams and heart desires or enhance our spiritual journey. More about these fascinating energy connections can be found in Sue Zange’s book “The Energies of Your Life”.

When the energy cordings between two people are aligned, vibrant and strong, they both experience a harmonious and nurturing relationship i.e. good communication, mutual love and respect, they thrive in the relationship.

In relationships that are troubled, hurtful and disharmonious, the energy connections are misaligned, dull and sometimes damaged. People find it difficult to talk to and understand each other and as a result, more arguments, distress and trouble is created. Basically, it goes from bad to worse and prompt help is needed.

Energy Field Healing is a unique and pioneering therapy that can heal and transform your relationships by re-aligning and re-energising your ‘energy cordings’ and other aspects of your energy system, to bring back peace and harmony to your life.

There may also be times when you just grow out of a relationship and you may wish to release it and make space for a new one. Energy Field Healing can assist you with that as well and help open up new exciting opportunities in the future.

If you would like to book an appointment or find out more about this therapy, please contact me on +447464 464022, send an email direct to me, or find a healer based in your area (contacts available in the healer’s section).

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