The art of healing through the body's energy field

Write your own Prescription for wellness

By: Zana Komnenic

How can we help ourselves? How do we write our own prescription for wellness?

I recently read some scientific research that literally shook me.  “50% of mental issues start by the age of 15 and 70% by the age of 24!”  On the same day I read about our ability to heal ourselves.

Nowadays GPs prescribe medication as well as relaxation techniques (meditation, yoga, rest, laughing etc). So how can we, as adults, children and young adults help ourselves? What should our own prescription be like?

As an Energy Field Healer I know the importance of maintaining my energy field – keeping it clear, strong and vibrant and therefore less vulnerable to many influences that occur in life.

I have seen how Energy Field Healing helps with trauma, stress, difficult life events, problematic relationships, as well as childhood and past experiences. Its powerful, unique and valuable.

But my question was how to use it as a prevention? How to help that 50% to empower themselves.

Energy awareness and simple specific techniques such as grounding, disconnecting and reclaiming (as explained in detail in Sue Zange’s book The Energies of Your Life) can empower you and your children. It is simple, easy, and effective to apply and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes a day. The book will teach you energy awareness, understanding of the subtle energies around you and how they influence you.  There is explanation of how we all are interconnected on multiple levels without conscious awareness.

Writing yourself a ‘prescription ‘ for a simple regime of clearing non-serving energy from your field will not only improve your everyday decisions but also your future potentials as well.

We are all responsible for our own health and the care of our young adults and children. So we need to take a step forward and take charge of our lives.  Read the book, and then book your appointment for energy field healing if you need to.  Be responsible for the wellness of your own life.


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