The art of healing through the body's energy field

Your core energy structure is vital to balanced living

By: Sue Zange

Energy misalignment from the core centre is more common than people realise.  Energy misalignment will not mean much to you if you’re not aware of energy structure, but for those of us who work with it in energy field healing, a primary focus is to ensure the central alignment of the energy flow, and its balance and stability.

The human energy field is a field of electro-magnetism.  It draws up resources of energies from the earth (the ground) and it takes in higher frequency energies, what we call ‘sky energy’, through the top of the head (crown).   These energies should then flow in a balanced way through the vertical axis of the body, and powerfully radiate out.  Hence the existence of the field – or aura if you want to call it that.

Our ability to remain centred, calm, focused, in synchronicity, and in alignment, all depend on the strength, flow and stability of the core central axis of energy.   Even our ability to cope with the tirade of daily goings on, is affected by our energy centre.  Our daily life experiences present constant opportunities for that centre to be thrown off.  Powerful emotions, stress, misery, illness, mental strain, loss, unhappiness….   all the stuff we move in and out of through life experience or indeed, be moved in to by others and happenings.  All these things affect the balance and alignment of the centre.

Continual exposure to activity, with no restorative time, can bring about the energetic breakdown of this core central axis.   Sudden shock or trauma can do it instantly.  Once the central alignment is no longer flowing in a balanced way, a series of energetic imbalances can occur and then the potential for illness, dis-ease, and the wide variety of life problems and difficulties begin to exist.

What many don’t realise though, is that one of the most obvious and clear signs that central structural energies are not stable, is CHAOS.   Chaos energies only exist in the absence of ORDER.  Balanced energies flow in order – there is synchronisation, purpose and fulfilment.

Chaotic energies are in a state of dis-order, and so their presence can be as clear as the nose on your face.   When things start getting stressed, when you start ‘juggling’ multiple things, when you are forgetting where you’ve put things, and moving around all over the place without purpose or clear direction; when multiple ‘things’ are going ‘wrong’, when there are mis-timings, when you are in a state of heightened fretting…..   You know the scenarios – life happens.

But if you’re in those states – STOP.  Stop your activity. To continue in a state of chaos is to give authority to randomization and you are not in command of your circumstances, situation, or purpose. Continual, regular, or long term exposure to chaos can misalign the main centre of your energy structure.   You deserve better than to allow that to happen to you.

Think about how you are living your daily life, and how you may be lacking awareness of the presence of either misalignment or chaos being present in your life.   In energy field healing, we specialise in restoring the centre, in rebuilding the main central energy structure.  Balanced energy flow is balanced living.

Remember, achieving, prosperity, fulfilment, creation, and joyful purpose all require balanced flow and order.  So, keep your eyes open, because all the clues for how you are living, are there.

You can find out more about different states in your energy by reading the book – The Energies of Your Life.

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