The art of healing through the body's energy field
"Healing offers us all a bridge of light by which to transform life's difficulties and obstructions." Sue Zange

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Healers for: West Midlands

Sheree Kennedy
Solihull, West Midlands Throughout, Derbyshire Throughout, Warwickshire

“With over 10 years’ hands on experience of seeing clients and dealing with a wide range of conditions and ailments, I specialise in transforming non-serving patterns that affect health & well-being and restrict personal progress.”

Agnieszka Wozniak
Oldbury, West Midlands

“I have been working as a healthcare professional for 16 years and since I remember I have been interested in health and well-being. I knew I came across a phenomenal healing technique, with energy field healing, and I had a burning desire to learn more about it.”

Kate Ford
Throughout, West Midlands Throughout, Worcestershire

“Energy Field Healing has transformed my understanding of the world. The positive impact on my life has made me want to share this wonderful therapy with others. By understanding how energy stress and trauma affects people, animals and places, I am able to help restore peace and balance.”

Amy Jeetley
Birmingham, West Midlands Tamworth, Staffordshire

“I have helped many people gain a better understanding of themselves, their lives and situations. This has opened them up to greater potentials to make higher serving decisions and choices, coming from an empowered place of love. You too can experience this through Energy Field Healing.”

Kim Quance
Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

“Energy Field Healing has provided me with the detailed techniques I was looking for to enable me to work on the human energy field in the way I have always dreamed of doing. I completed my Advanced  course in April 2009. Shortly after that I completed the “Healing the Home” course, where energy techniques are used to heal the energy of land and buildings.”

Sue Tranter
Birmingham, West Midlands Evesham, Worcestershire

“I offer a wide range of services, all carried out with a high level of expertise and integrity. If you are unsure about how I can help or what it is you may need, I am available to discuss this with you. I am now seeing clients at a clinic in Acocks Green, Birmingham .”

Emma Kitchen
Coleshill, West Midlands

I am really passionate about creating a loving and supportive environment, so that I can help facilitate, and empower a deep and transformational healing experience, that will be tailored to your individual needs.

Anna Cawthorne
Kings Norton, Birmingham, West Midlands

“I’m passionate about uncovering the root cause of issues and empowering others to improve their own health and emotional well-being. Energy field healing is a way to access the highest possible frequencies to address emotional stress and physical symptoms, bringing harmony to our mind, body and emotions.”

Gill Shelton
Birmingham, West Midlands

“I have been interested in alternative therapies for over 25 years. Having qualified in other therapies over 20 years ago, I was still looking for that one special treatment to offer my clients. Energy Field Healing can have an amazing effect on your life and for me personally I can say this has been the case.”

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