The art of healing through the body's energy field
"Patience within a loving heart, allows each and every one a place to belong." Sue Zange

Need An Energy Cleanse!

15th July Sue Tranter

As we become more aware of our energy state and the benefits of clearing our ‘aura,’ Sue Tranter explains why focusing on self-management and healing is so important.

New Year Planning

The end of the year is traditionally the time when many people decide to change their lives for the better and may feel that a great way to do that is New Year’s resolutions, but techniques miss a critical element.

“Your Mental Health First Aiders are….”

30th March Nora Simon

Statistics show that more and more people seek professional help but also, there are still individuals who suffer in silence. They might not know where to look for help,…

Clean skin… clean clothes… and now…clean Energy!

5th February Sue Zange

Every time the press write about another celebrity seeing the ‘energy’ guru to have their ‘aura’ balanced and refreshed, they put it forward as though it’s a whacky thing to do…..

This Christmas – Get Ready! Get Well!

12th December Zana Komnenic

Are you postponing yourself until January in order to juggle work, family, friends and all the shopping and organisation that every December brings?…

The Flows of Life

25th September Kim Quance

Do you ever wonder about the flow of your life? Does it move along easily? Or does it seem to jerk along, up one day, down the next, perhaps even appearing to lurch from one crisis to another?

We All Deserve Better Relationships

6th September Agnieszka Wozniak

Have you ever wondered how much influence your family, friends and other people in general have over you? How much their thoughts and …

Balancing life with your Heart’s desire

2nd July Sue Tranter

We think we know what’s best for us and we think we know how to achieve this, we have a plan. What we do not realise is that our plan may be flawed.

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